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I can’t hang out here | For I believe in Carr | “We skate anxiously” for many reasons and this is one of them | And I believe in Dawesar | And others | That this is “in direct competition with the present moment”

People interest me. What they have seen. How they see. Their acute moments. The long arc of their life. Their story. But I don’t often know their story. Or get a chance to hear it. And I never will. So I crouch down and shoot a pic on the fly

it is a way in. to an eternal conversation. with an unknown destination but a strong sense there ultimately be some fundamental common ground. this is science for the seekers. and because of it we know there are almost eight billion points of departure - of entry. but perhaps only one enlightened way out

This was a book cover re-design. For the hell of it. The book is, 'You Are Not A Gadget' by virtual reality / computer science / net pioneer Jaron Lanier. He strongly refutes we follow the path that technology is currently leading us down. These are some of my unedited design notes

In our minds. It was the plate for the exile print + piece of writing. "Etched in our minds" was the first note i ever wrote down on printmaking. And i never knew printmakers destroyed their plates after they had finished

in a world filled with people shouting ⎮ often ⎮ look at me ⎮ the ability to craft and deliver an honest and authentic and altruistic story ⎮ that is not only truly heard ⎮ but has lasting positive impact ⎮ is crucial

I was lucky enough to spend time at Byron Art School this year studying printmaking with Travis Patterson. Amazing place. Amazing teacher. Amazing technique. Printmaking is super slow. Messy. Intimate. Complex. Inefficient. You could spend days in here, not get anything done, and walk out a better person for it.