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Same Water

A time limited response (5 minutes maximum) to Jean Rath and Ursula Edgington.

We are the same people

Nervous about a new era

Of automation and artificial intelligence


About the role we will play

If any

I think we are all running scared

And instead of admitting it we have begun to take it out on each other

We have begin to take sides

We need to sort this out

For we all stand in the same water

And we need to do it now

Before we all collectively drown.


With a time limit of 5 minutes respond to Jean Rath and Ursula Edgington and wrap up a popetic inquiry session focussed on technology, teaching and higher education.


jason harding


Auckland, New Zealand




Anon skatepark scrawl. Tweed Heads.. 2020.

Reading Order

  1. ‘Who Are These People’ (jason harding)
  2. ‘Jean’s Rath’ (Jean Rath)
  3. ‘Ursula Responds’ (Ursula Edgington)
  4. ‘Same Water’ (jason harding)