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jason harding is an academic, artist and designer based in australia. he creates all sorts of stuff and is captivated by the way different methods and mediums influence each other. will often fuse his own writing, spoken word, photography, art and design into the one brief.

the first note on graphic design he ever wrote down was, “this is the art of thinking”. and disheartened that higher education seemed to be losing the same enlightened vigour began fusing poetry, art and design with science, creative non-fiction and philosophy into his work.

his courses on technology, innovation and human experience generate comments such as this, “was like a slap in the face and one I desperately needed”, “woke me up”, “flicked a switch”, “gave us courage”, “was unlike anything I have ever taken at university” and “will stay with us for life”.

dreams of one day creating something beautiful. something that truly has weight. and being permitted the luxury and liberty of going completely mad in the process. you might walk past him on the street one day. and never know.


you can find

some of his work here

some of his process here

and feel free


to contact him at any time