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this is your invitation

to revisit1

to re-imagine



and if not now then when?

cling to the safety of the status quo risk

having your hand forced

by something far grander than you

which is just what happened

by the way

and it will happen again too

you’ve been given freedom

to revisit

been given a chance

to stand back


so you can stand up for what matters2

what will you make of that invitation

what will you make brand new?


Students + Higher Education.


Embedded into a lecture ⎮ and a setup for two-linked projects ⎮ focussed on going ‘beyond content’.

Notes II

1. Anne-Webster Wright; 2. Bayo Akomolafe.

On Going Beyond Content

“he encouraged us to think beyond”“this course forces you to reflect on who you are”“I found another side of me” “this course made me a better person”