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perform | angst

my words here are not meant for us

they are offered up to a system

and a process 

that is out of sight

and has no interest in us at all

a line needs to be drawn through my name here

and yours

so the mechanism and the machine 

with its hulking and ghostly grey pillars

of efficiency and extraction and exploitation

can continue its relentless grind forward. 


I tapped away into my keyboard once on a piece that went nowhere and was for no-one but me. How selfish. I titled it ‘perform/angst’.

Note | On Spin

i work in rush and heave all friction no spin

rapid fire


lightman’s world too much with me



vast violent negative cost

i’m lost

Note | On Space

that constant growth 

constant grrrrrowling chase

often seems void of meaning

long since cleansed of time and space 

and the unwanted beauty 

in iterative mistake. 

Note | On Safe

Where I work performance reviews have undergone drastic and positive change over the past few years. Gone are the growth metrics and in their place lie questions such as, ‘what are you proud of?’ and ‘how can we help?’. 


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