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The Real Thing

I went to check on the wheatpasting trial of an older version of the poster, ‘free to fail’ and this is what I found. I originally pasted up on the poster 8th November 2020, 6.17pm and then went back yesterday afternoon (13th December 5.15PM) to check it out and recapture it. All weathered about a month later. Driving rain yesterday. Sideways. The poster seems to have become a permanent fixture to the sign it was adhered to. And has this wild blue tinge running through it.

A few months ago I was present during a guest lecture delivered by Australian designer Nick Mitchell of The Colour Club. One of the statements he made out that had an impact on me and was something that I latched onto when presenting my own work was, “photos – like real photos – of the product [or piece of work] always look way better than mockups”. He’s right. You can re-create effects like this with software but you never really do it justice. Like for those who know the difference between something that has been mocked up and something that has been shot in real life is immediately noticeable.

I think with the exception of one piece of work (an app), everything you see in my most recent portfolio of work is the real thing.