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wipers project

This is just a series of images I captured whilst it was raining. I shot them from inside the car. With the wipers turned off. Different locations. Some in the city. Some down around the Northern New South Wales coastline.

No major project or brief or anything like that. Just a spur of the moment thing that kicked off back in February 2020 during weeks of relentless rain. I was sitting in the car checking the surf and at some point just turned the car off. I liked the look of the blurred view without the wipers cleaning the windscreen so just shot some images of it. That was it.

Later in the year I had a random urge to shoot a few more. I showed some of the later ones of the city to a friend and colleague. And she mentioned that she had seen things like it before but there was something different about these. And I wondered if it was because in some of these the car is still moving.