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She Is

she is waltzing white wonder

i am wretched white guilt

that she will inherit

our wings will one day wither

mine will do so first

but not yet

waltzing white wonder

and wretched white guilt

both white privilege

stand on ground not political boundaries

swim in oceans not territorial seas

see time without the blindness


and the inbuilt lags

no disembodied linearity

no straight-arrowed service

to secondary systems



no displacement from past

or future

no detachment from its weight

waltzing white wonder and wretched white guilt

forever white privilege

all white fragility

will walk  will attempt to walk


and in the centre

of concentric circles

those surging spheres

radiating and reaching outwards and towards

enlightened temporal horizons

all time

as one time

all lines           vanish

no lines

swirling and sustained

and we will attempt to move with it not over it

stewardship not ownership

enlivened by the idea

of ever-present and perpetually unfolding patterns of creation

the consequent plausibility 

and possibilities inherent 

in creating 

an earth with no flags.



little miss

donte collins

robin diangelo

robyn reynolds barre

charles mountford

ken kesey + tom wolfe

jessa gamble

tyson yunkaporta


Griffith University ⎮ Indigenous Champion Service Role. 


I captured an image of my daughter wearing a set of fake white angel wings for some Nativity play at school.


‘white wonder’ ⎮ chinese ink on paper ⎮ 2024

Artwork Size

210mm x 297mm ⎮ Portrait

Text Completion Date

15⎮ 02 ⎮ 2023

Publication Date (Self-Published)

09⎮ 02 ⎮ 2024