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is this purely entertainment


a spectacle

a sleight of hand

a magic trick

in a word of confusion and unknown distraction reigns

the opiate of the people

pacify the masses

so power then

the relentless pursuit for control




or is this just about money

and sex

to the victor go the spoils

both capital and flesh

and violence

sanctioned or otherwise

all an outlet for our collective inner roaring savage

or is this a quest to understand




is this about immortality

not only a transcendence of the constraints of our fragile physical bodies but because

petrified of our impermanence we grasp 

at eternal youth


and metaphysics

a vicarious identification with those exempt from physical laws

us at our best

or worst

a little of both

an acknowledgement 

if you will

of our flaws and deep seated issues

public acceptance

of damaged psyches

and in that acceptance we connect

in all circumstances we are by ourselves

alone we ache to reach out and touch

whether hug or fist is irrelevant

beaten and bloodied bare knuckle warriors hug like lovers at the final bell

i love you man

or is this empathy 


at its finest

in a world filled with imbalance this is about a level playing field

all are equal within these lines and on those lines

are they arbitrary

or as real as it gets

maybe this is about love

for a world that cannot express it

the one truth common to us all

with the exception of death 

liberation of the human spirit

pure romance

a will to life

where conflict is vital

if everything but war is a simulation 

is this is the closest thing we have

to truly feeling alive.



Sports Management Students. First Lecture Trimester 1, 2023.

Location | Date

Griffith University, Live Online (Teams + Recording) + Pre-Record + Transcript

08 | 03 | 2023


‘arbitrary lines I’ | Triptych (image elicitation)

16:9 | Landscape

29 | 03 | 2023

Text Publication Date (Self Published)

09 | 02 | 2024

Text Notes


Lead In + Approach

There was a brief lead in to this at the beginning of the lecture …

what is this (sport)

what does it mean

to you



i read once that the value of something depends on how its managed but perhaps what and where you place that value will drive how you approach the managing

so how do you position something like this

justify it

is there a common truth to it

and if so does that truth apply to us all


I do this stuff to cultivate attention – and then provoke thought – never to represent fact or make any claims to authority or absolute truth. I am just interested in getting people thinking and talking. I move students through “a continuous circuit” of text, imagery, spoken word (poetic creative non-fiction style spoken word tapestries of topics and ideas and possibilities), questions and games and tasks (design thinking style process). I aim to “jolt” those in attendance out of their “preconceived notions”. And at the same time – and as a direct result of it – maximise the time they spend engaged – focussed.