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i so desperately want to see the artist

the poet

the lover

but I cannot

i see the jock

the bound up wound up athlete

the muscle

at times the myth of the amazon

i see the savage

primed and ready for the sport

and it is more than just physicality

intensity and necessity to move

think on the feet and fly

it’s the quick trigger 

and the brute force

the capacity 


to overwhelm


beyond even the propensity to violence

sanctioned or otherwise

the rage the jealousy the hate


it’s the quickness to the line

and the lifeless eye capacity to cross it it’s the




the irrationality and the sheer passion for the psychopathic play in it all

i see the end in itself

i see the end justify all means

and in that end I see me


i stare

so f**king desperate 

and i see the beauty

the beautiful bodies

the ideal form

the ideal function



and the goddess replace the amazon

i see the transcendence of bodily powers

and that of the mind

a mysterious excellence

i see and sense calm amongst

and wisdom hover above 


and it is here I find the real

the raw



spaces in between

secret pauses in the action and knowledge in and of the nothingness

i find respect


patience and compassion 

i find empathy

an acknowledgement of a shared vulnerability

our frailty

our fragility

our pain


a roaring insatiable untranslatable ache


for survival

to reach

and reach out

i see the high touch helping hand up and the all encompassing hug void of all self-consciousness

and paradoxically amongst the hulking heroics i see and sense and believe in belonging


and in these moments grace

it is here that i find heart

something valuable to be gained

all that cannot be taught


i see the mirror now

and it’s jagged bipolar crack

on one side the ritualised combat

gratuitous logic 

blood spilled 

along arbitrary lines

on the other the aesthetic

the art

magico-religous phenomenal poetry in motion

the ball an astral body

a planet tossed around by gods

i see meaning

a worthwhile use of time

i see your reflection too

and mine

the world

i see the divine

in this war without guns.



Sports Management Students. Second Lecture Trimester 1, 2023.

Location | Date

Griffith University, Online| Teams + Recording

15 | 03 | 2023


‘ampersand rams duelling’

297mm x 210mm | A4 | Landscape

Ink on Translucent Paper

29 | 11 | 2023

Publication Date (Self Published)

30 | 11 | 2023

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