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This was the too literal / no mystery / no nuance / actually looks too much like something outcome from the balance through symmetry exercise. I wasn’t really into it. I called it a mistake because it wasn’t even in the centre of the page – so much for symmetry. But I did like the process and how I got to play with a few different things within the one homework brief / being constrained by a set number and type of paper shapes / and being allowed to play with and trial and put my own spin on different techniques like the Ashworth inspired background of masking tape and liquid paper and joiners tape and charcoal and whatever else I have thrown in there.

I don’t necessarily hate the gas mask looking creature in there. I love the vibe of those spray painting masks and the apocalyptic amp and anarchy they seem to stand for. And the thing had relevance a month or so later as the world went into lockdown fleeing a virus that had no interest in playing by the rules / and perhaps had none to begin with. I just liked the ‘Cyberpunk Condor’ one better (which was balance through tension) as it was a bit more mysterious and left more room for interpretation. The homework brief itself was super fun though. So was trying to pull different ideas and techniques together. And making something unique with your hands is always a liberating thing.

And writing about gas masks and spray painting masks just then made me wonder if this could actually be turned into a cool stencil …