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An Exercise In Tension

The Cyberpunk Condor

A few months ago I was asked to create balance through tension. And given a sheet of A4 paper with some black squares and circles and triangles printed on it. That is what I had to use. Around the same time I had been inspired by Chris Ashworth’s typographic work and his manual experimentation and manipulation of paper. So I fused the two things together. And came up with this.

I came up with a series of em but this one I liked. Looked like some futuristic predatory bird sizing up a tasty little triangle. I called it the ‘Cyberpunk Condor’ just for kicks. It had become an art project. I did one that was balance through symmetry and that one looked like a gas mask. I put that one up along with a few others as a post on the process. I loved the process behind it. Super manual. Messy. And I found it tough being limited to a certain type and number of shapes. But in the end that was a cool part of the process.

I wasn’t full into the gas mask one because it looked too much like an actual something. Too literal. It had no real mystery in it. No real edge. But it became pretty relevant a month or so later as the world went in apocalyptic lockdown as a result of a gnarly virus. Which at the time of writing was still out there. And I hop[e everyone is ok.


Shillington College Of Graphic Design (homework task)


Shillington set the brief Ashworth inspired technique


210mm x 297mm (A4 portrait)


Mixed media: Paper / Charcoal / Liquid Paper / Joiners Tape / Masking Tape / Duct Tape / Sticky Tape / Pencils / Fine-Liners / Pocket Knife


February 27th 2020