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Staring At Clouds

I’ve been looking for you

I love mystery how some of the coolest stuff we do is the stuff that doesn’t make sense. And doesn’t have to.

Information can be a little different though. That comes at us now in enormous volumes and at rapid speed. It is relentless. And seemingly infinite. Information can be dangerous if there is no higher purpose to it. No checks and balances. No patterns or theory to which it applies. But that doesn’t necessarily apply to art and human creativity.

Our wonder and curiosity and resultant creativity needn’t be locked in to any set endpoint. It dosen’t need a theory holding it in place. Nor certainty. Nor conclusion(s). And there is both relief and romance to be found in that. Sometimes I create things for no real reason and then give them their own online space to exist. Just let em float out there. On that ethereal magical web.

There is no forced message or stated truth. More just vibe. This one seems a little moody and obscure. But the hope is their randomness and inherent humanity is strangely uplifting. Maybe someone will stumble across whatever it is and get something out of it. Maybe they wont.

There is a chance my stuff just adds to the relentless fleeting white noise of the net. I would like to think that no machine or AI could produce something like this. But I wouldn’t put it past em. Maybe the esoteric nature in combination with the lack of shouting and certainty in these types of digital pieces cuts through that type of rapid fire homogenised noise. I did take my time. And I hope they make you pause too. If only for a second.

staring g


atatcloud s



Anyone who stumbles across it.


⎮⎮⎮⎮⎮⎮⎮⎮⎮⎮ 06052018 1245


420mm x 594mm


Mixed Media: Photograph / Magazine Type / Indesign


April 3rd 2020