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in a world filled with people shouting


look at me

the ability to craft and deliver an honest and authentic and altruistic story

that is not only truly heard

but has lasting positive impact

is cruicial

for those with something worthwhile to say

and wish to create

and drive


for the welfare and well-being of those it targets

and for the world at large

and if we teach enough people how to do this well

then perhaps

we will create exactly what it is we want

and need

and in the process

and as part of it

stop the shouting

that relentless white noise

for which there will be

a collective benefit.


Students + Higher Education


Embedded into a lecture ⎮ a push to find links in content ⎮ and generate angles ⎮ and ways forward⎮ that are uniquely theirs.


Burnt Out Nissan ⎮ Cabarita ⎮ NSW ⎮ 2020.

On Silence

A burnt out vehicle is a statement. Somewhat violent, confrontational and illegal sure. But it is its ability to silence ⎮ and to say so much with silence ⎮ that is truly captivating. And for those listening ⎮ and even those who aren’t ⎮ it is a silence that is truly heard.

So What

So write me something as arresting and as thought provoking as the hot black skeleton of a car burnt to its rims. Write me something new. Write me something you.