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jacked in

but then …

could this metaverse be a kind of communal enlightenment

for a species that could not attain it on their own

collective insight and awareness

the ancient biological sphere of all human thought and experience

encircling the earth


rounded up 

far beyond the current direct line of access

made possible by ubiquitous computing and our infatuation with its uninterrupted tether to the ethereal web

this will be consciousness concentrated

and collected

digitised then disconnected

from its source

absolute reality

finally realised

not by way of wisdom but by way of distraction and

blind faith 

in warm piles of silicon chip and wire

and a consequent and complete long sought sever 

from form and ego

we will become a species so aggregated

and so simultaneously peripheral

that all self-conscious fiction can be / is discarded 

no boarders no boundaries 

no barriers 

around the skull/s

jacked in neurons

become networked neon noosphere

one more evolutionary push

and it will pulse

expand and contract 


of its own accord and to its own rhythm

limitless positive energy 

once the individual domain of billions and billions of people

confiscated by clouds and now streaming


as one.




”jacked-in’ 2022. Collage.


Playing with my own thinking in ‘Bent’.