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I can’t hang out here

For I believe in Carr

“We skate anxiously” for many reasons and this is one of them

And I believe in Dawesar ⎮ and others

That this is “in direct competition with the present moment”

And I believe in Lanier

This is not about us

I believe in a lot of people who believe

we shouldn’t be here

I don’t need followers I

barely stay in touch with the friends I have

And I can’t follow

It’s not in my nature

You and I will meet

when we seek

and move and

act to make it so

I do have an online presence

A digital space where I put some of my energy

and cognitive surplus

when I can find the time

Because its mine

I’m not skating for these guys

I don’t really want to be there ⎮ here ⎮ either 

For my desire

And challenge

Is to live increasingly offline

in a world that seems hell bent on me

being increasingly on

I never really knew what the ‘X’ was about

I was just stuffing around

But a year or so later I wondered if it stood for the ‘x’ in box

Skinner Box

For that is what this truly is.