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I’m asked to explain. The inexplicable. And to make something tangible. From methods that in reality are abstract. If a student stands up on behalf of the group and says, “what you did here will stay with us for life” is that not tangible. Enough. For you

I find tension really easy to spot but astonishingly hard to recreate in my own artistic work. I asked a graphic design teacher if it is supposed to feel uncomfortable. He said, "like a rubber band is about to snap". Which is a cool explanation. Visceral

I often look down at the piece of paper I have been using to mix and trial colours and test different approaches - and go "Wow that is a better and more artistic piece of work than the thing I am trying to create". It is confronting. But also super uplifting.

I was asked to find and critique and comment on a cultural poster. And I chose Claudia Klat’s ‘de Carouge’ poster and invitation work because it is so damn mysterious. It looks and feels like a call out for some dark edgy esoteric gathering in the French underground. And probably is