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it is a way in. to an eternal conversation. with an unknown destination but a strong sense there ultimately be some fundamental common ground. this is science for the seekers. and because of it we know there are almost eight billion points of departure - of entry. but perhaps only one enlightened way out

This was a book cover re-design. For the hell of it. The book is, 'You Are Not A Gadget' by virtual reality / computer science / net pioneer Jaron Lanier. He strongly refutes we follow the path that technology is currently leading us down. These are some of my unedited design notes

In our minds. It was the plate for the exile print + piece of writing. "Etched in our minds" was the first note i ever wrote down on printmaking. And i never knew printmakers destroyed their plates after they had finished

in a world filled with people shouting ⎮ often ⎮ look at me ⎮ the ability to craft and deliver an honest and authentic and altruistic story ⎮ that is not only truly heard ⎮ but has lasting positive impact ⎮ is crucial

I was lucky enough to spend time at Byron Art School this year studying printmaking with Travis Patterson. Amazing place. Amazing teacher. Amazing technique. Printmaking is super slow. Messy. Intimate. Complex. Inefficient. You could spend days in here, not get anything done, and walk out a better person for it.

I was playing with collage in PS and this was one of those ones where I just went too far. I was throwing images randomly on top of each other and blending layers with zero thought. Close to zero technique and skill. I don't know how many images are embedded in this. Too many

I was asked recently what we should be trying to chase in our graduates. And I paraphrased and built on Andrzej Klesyk's line when I answered, "we are looking for honest, courageous independent thinkers who can deal with the unknown". I shared my desire with a cohort of students today. As I believe

I did a super short observational drawing workshop with Belle Bassin in Mullum early this year. She's epic. I like this sketch because of the constraints she put me under and the paradoxical relief and freedom I felt. 5 minutes. Non-dominant hand. Draw the cardboard boxes. Stop thinking

The latest edition of So Fi Zine is out now. So Fi is an indie publication for sociological fiction, poetry, visual art, and other creative work. Edition #8 was released on December 30, 2020 and was inspired by Ruha Benjamin’s radical experiments with speculative fiction. This edition brings you 22 sociological short stories, poetry,

A series of images I captured whilst it was raining. Shot from inside the car. With the wipers turned off. Different locations. Some in the city. Some down around the Northern New South Wales coastline. Just a spur of the moment thing that kicked off back in February 2020 during weeks of relentless rain.