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Hell Yeah It is

One of the early criticisms of David Carson’s work was it was self indulgent. His response to that was, “Hell yeah it is. I’m totally into it”. Fuck I love Carson’s vibe. He also added, “I’m totally absorbed in it, and part of me hopes it gets recognised and I wouldn’t want somebody working for me who wasn’t just as into it”.


I came across David’s quote in an interview he did wth Jamie Brisick for Monster Children magazine back in 2011.

  • Brisick, J. 2011. ‘David Carson Interview.’ Monster Children. Issue 31. 

And the featured image is a piece of work David did for his 2014 lecture his A.I.G.A (The Professional Association for Design), Austin lecture in 2014. Interesting note on that piece I pulled from his website was that the poster was Arminized* before printing (*changing ones work without permission or discussion).