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Paper Doesn’t Crash

Graphic designer Chris Ashworth asks where the human is in the work. David Carson is constantly scanning – for stuff that is not homogenised by technology. Both still work offline. And have noticed that paper doesn’t crash. Jaron Lanier warns us we are sliding down a path of subservience to the structures and rules of computers. People everywhere are stumbling out of a virtual nightmare. Rubbing neon sleep from their wired and tired eyes. They ache for something tactile. Something real. Create something with your hands. It’s slow, inefficient, messy, full of imperfection. Human.


The featured image – and all the rest – were shot by my daughter. And were me playing around with and working on the piece of mixed-methods (art / typography / design / spoken word / phenomenological style lived experience inquiry ) work focussed higher education loosely titled, ‘When did we lose our way?’ (which you can check out here).