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risk the shot

This course is a chance to think

A chance to discover and generate links – between the philosophy of one discipline and the philosophy of another

In this case between the philosophy of sport and the philosophy of management and leadership

Between people and their ideas

You get to build a bridge

Not just a philosophical bridge

You are not just tinkering around with philosophy through argument and discussion

Pure philosophical dreaming

There is a practical element to this

This is where philosophical dreaming becomes philosophical doing

You will walk that bridge

And at some point in the future bring others across with you

Make sure it’s solid.


My approach to this is to always go beyond the content

Beyond mastery

Beyond the pursuit of excellence in a specific domain

This is a chance to make it your own

This is a chance to put your own stamp on it

Become the new creator

The one who brings something unique to the table

This is also a chance for you to embody your own ideas

Become the living breathing example

The exemplar


And as weird as that may sound there is a link from it to sport itself

This transcendence of bodily powers

And that of the mind

Quite often the most amazing moments in sport are the ones where athletes and players are performing beyond the routine-like-necessity-of-mastery

Of a skill or a set of skills

This occurs in life too

They are in this spontaneous and continual flow of unpracticed and uninhibited and impulsive invention

They are creating

Right there

Right in front of you

They play outside of knowledge and expertise and experience

All now delegated to a biological autopilot 

And in these moments they are the ones who are willing to risk a shot

They are free

To exist somewhere else.


So we have twelve weeks to play with that in mind

Work on the mastery of your discipline

Mastery of knowledge and understanding

But at the same time we want to give you the chance to tap into who you are truly are 

Go beyond it

And leverage who you are and how you perceive things in your work and approach

This is a chance to prepare

And to help you push this further than you originally thought

We are going to try and give you time and space


And also a sense of safety

So you too

Can risk the shot.


I was asked to speak to a large cohort of incoming sport management students as part of their first year orientation.


Toy Handgun | 2023*


There is often a perception that students just what to know what their assignments are and how they can pass. But I don’t think that always holds true. And it has never really been my style. So this is what I threw out. In the hope this cohort were chasing something more. And if not that I could kinda fire them up to do so.

Location | Date

Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus

28 | 02 | 2023

Publication Date (Self Published)

17 | 11 | 2023


The toy handgun is a reference to Orwell’s, “war minus the shooting” (from ‘The Sporting Spirit’, 1945) and I reference it again in another piece I shared with this cohort early on in the semester titled, ‘higher’ .