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Work In Progress (WIP). Planned Intaglio print. Three panels (Triptych). The original text was …

i am | a better definition of insanity

and so are you

you are | right where you ought to be

and so are we

we are impermanent and

that sets us free.

… but has been edited to use less words and also maintain some sense of balance and hierarchy on and across each of the panels.

The text leans on a partial quote by surfer and antihero Nathan Fletcher on his iconic Teahupo’o wipeout (quote torn out of the magazine in the featured process image), Aldous Huxley’s ideas on insanity in both ‘The Doors Of Perception‘ and ‘Heaven and Hell’, the Taoist, Buddhist and Zen style idea of ‘impermanence’ made plain in many places – for me in Alan Watts’s, ‘The Way of Zen’ + ‘In My Own Way’, Gunaratana Mahathera’s, ‘Mindfulness in Plain English’, and Richard Alpert / Ram Dass’s, ‘Remember – Be Here Now’ to name a few, and the freedom to be found in all of it.


nathan fletcher

aldous huxley

alan watts

gunaratana mahathera

richard alpert / ram dass




Process ⎮ 16:9 ⎮Landscape ⎮14⎮ 02 ⎮ 2024

Planned Artwork

‘untitled’ ⎮ ink on paper ⎮ 2024

Planned Artwork Size

Each Panel 594 x 841 mm (A1) ⎮ Plate 297 x 420 mm (A3) ⎮ Landscape

Original Text Completion Date

14⎮ 03 ⎮ 2020

Original Text Publication Date (Self-Published)

14⎮ 02 ⎮ 2024