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We have to be honest with ourselves

For beneath the surface

Of the events and the issues we focus on

The symptoms

And beneath the patterns

And the structures 

That impede

The objects and the rituals 

The institutions and their policies

Beneath the abstractions and the subsequent reductions

Lies us

And our beliefs

And attitudes

Our morals


Our expectations

Our egos

We are the roots

The root cause

And in that context we are also the keys

To the solutions.


I scribbled it down moments before a lecture which touched on systems thinking, design thinking and deep dives in relation to a ‘future design’ task.


‘Systms’ 2022. Letraset typeface transfer on road reflector.


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“When you say the music is abominable, listen to the sound of your own complaint”. Alan Watts. ‘In My Own Way’. p 365.