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Was checking on the wheatpasting trial of an older version of the 'free to fail' poster and this is what I found. Originally pasted up on the 8th November 2020, 6.17pm. I went back yesterday afternoon (13th December 5.15PM) to check it out and recapture it. All weathered about a month or so later

I sent this to students recently. "Very rarely - in my experience - do your best ideas come from you just sitting down and writing - it is born from constraint(s). Like some of these seemingly weird tasks we have been playing with. A constraint imposed on you by"

Heaviest (and by far the coolest) university logo I have ever seen. It's like some sort of post-apocalyptic symbol. And probably not far off. Result of a relocation and merger between three Chinese universities after the anti-Japanese War broke out in 1937. Yunnan Normal University, Kunming China. Late June, 2015.