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i sent this to students recently. "Very rarely - in my experience - does your best ideas come from you just sitting down and writing - it is born from constraint(s). Like some of these seemingly weird tasks we have been playing with. A constraint imposed on you by"

jaron lanier’s website is terrible / so exquisitely / terrible / it violates almost every design principle in existence / in brutal fashion / lanier seems screaming savage at war with ui elegance and ux empathy / and yet /// he routinely speaks fondly of both

Heaviest (and by far the coolest) university logo I have ever seen. It's like some sort of post-apocalyptic symbol. And probably not far off. Result of a relocation and merger between three Chinese universities after the anti-Japanese War broke out in 1937. Yunnan Normal University, Kunming China. Late June, 2015.

One day I will run some odd stock / material through the printer and it will jam it good. But today is not that day. My preferred method is to set the printer up with whatever weird material you want it to print on / hit print / and look away