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walk away


the tech gods power is emerging

but they have no wisdom1

your wisdom is emerging

but you have yet to obtain any power

that is not to say you have no agency

for i can feel your ideas

your idealism

and i often wonder if that is why we meet like this

to awaken it2

in both of us

i read that systems are emergent3

then reminded they are made up of people2

so you would hope infused with honesty and honour however

i close my eyes and hear a homeless poet whisper

hope is the bane of the idealist”4

when i open them again i know it’s true

i dont have to be here

neither do you

and we dont have to have faith in or follow

those developing and deploying tech1

they fail to ask the right questions

i see someone stand up and say hey!

power resides with the people”5

we can challenge 

rewire too3


but I have seen and heard many others embody the wisdom you seek

the true power that resides

and it will only come

when we collectively walk away6.

  1. daniel schmachtenberger
  2. peter garrett
  3. elizabeth sawin
  4. raimundo arruda sobrinho
  5. eric lui
  6. alan watts

ISSN 2209-3028


The initial prompt was a lecture I was to deliver on the topic of power. And subsequently a call for submission (So Fi Zine Issue 12) - an indie publication for sociological fiction, poetry, and visual art. The created work arose from repeatedly finding the same word - or versions of it - emerge - emergent - emerging - in the lecture’s reading and reference materials. The work is a short poem / poetic + spoken word piece. A early draft of it formed part of the lecture and a refined and completed text-based version was subsequently published in So Fi Zine’s Issue 11. It is a statement on power, agency, and true wisdom.

Artwork Size

Printed Version ⎮ 210mm x 148mm ⎮ A5 ⎮ Portrait

Artwork Detail

'emergent' ⎮ 08⎮ 09 ⎮ 2022 • Original - Letraset on Concrete ⎮ Printed - Handmade Paper

Original Publication Date (So Fi Zine)

10⎮ 12 ⎮ 2022

Re-Publication Date (With Permission)

08⎮ 02 ⎮ 2023


Ash Watson (University of New South Wales) ⎮ Students (for the prompt and the discussion)