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On Goodbyes

Popcorn Stand

‘popcorn stand’



my wish is that you always live free

that your wonder never wane

and your smile never fade


that everyone you meet be liberated

long after goodbyes

may you light em all up

as you did me


may you peacefully yet unforgivingly

chase the arcane

and forever walk outside

structures and constructs that constrain




'Little Miss' ⎮ Every student I've ever taught ⎮ And everyone I have ever loved.


Hill, E. 2019. "Padraig O Tuama". Specifically "constructs and constraint"


Harding. Moehau Ranges, New Zealand. December 2020.

Image Detail

That image. It's a set of ranges in a pretty isolated part of New Zealand. Late last year I met an old women there. She was German. Her name was Bärbel. I didn't ask but she would have been in her late eighties early nineties something like that. So she moved super slow with age. But had these wild and super clear blue eyes, a constant smile and this amazing vibrant and friendly vibe. She just came across kinda amped up on everything. Around sixties years ago she and her late husband had sailed around the world and wrecked their yacht in the bay those ranges look over. They came ashore and never left. Loved it. Anyway at one point she showed me her tiny home nestled up high in those hills. It only three walls. At nights she pulls this canvas flap down over the opening. Sixty years in a house with three walls. And an opening that looks out over the ocean.

For The Students

As you move forward keep in mind that business - and indeed the world - "is looking for honest, courageous and independent thinkers" who can deal with the unknown - "not those who are able to memorize the keys and formats of the tests" (Andrezej Kleysk in Ostrowicka & Stankiewicz, 2019, p.614).

19 06 2019 1013

I shot an image of my daughter ordering popcorn from one of those old-school popcorn stands. She looked up at me and smiled as I captured the image. It sparked the piece of writing. The date and time of the image is embedded in the numbers above.


Hill, E. 2019. 'Padraig O Tuama Leads from the Heart'. Dumbo Feather, Issue 59. 38-51.