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Future Being


i wish i could unwish myself

content to be nothing1

to exist independent of identity

beyond life and death2

with no title to future being1

to never have been

but i grasp

at perpetuation1

the mechanicall preservations1 of words and images 

artefacts and physical acts 

digital spaces 



the monuments of memories

i am my own legacy project3

i don’t want to die

i don’t want to join the nations of the dead1 

but i don’t want to hope for eternity either

i am the urne

i don’t want to be put in one

i don’t want to be a relique

a stuffy antique ghost

some lame spook sitting on a shelf

no need to decorate dying days4 no need

for artificial mementos to minde [us] of our graves1

let us let that pure flame

that invisible sun

flicker and flare

and simply1 burn


that coffin

that urne

my futile project     

blind faith

in the fallacy and fantasy of form5


in polished sand


this is



me and my honourable and courageous and oh so important deeds

me and my beautiful mirror

and this is everyone else2,5,6

time hath no wings

makes dust of all things1

but fundamentally nothing exists

so where is that dust to cling7

who has the courage to let it all go5

not me

not yet

so if i have to make a choice of this way

sir thomas

then water it is

for as you say it is the smartest grave1

thale’s originall of all things8

and when the time comes the

window let go dive9

the exhale into the earth10

light up the morning sky

anon funeral pyre11

when the time comes

to hand my handed down bones back10

let me follow the ichthyophagi

the nations of aegypt

and affect the sea as [my] grave1

vast white cap rage

and deep dark blue roar of unknowne

let me be swept 

and swallowed up 

by its velvet depth

restore [my] body’s debt1

this noble animal1 was ‘ere

until he was not

let me vanish

hide and be hidden and again become one 

with this infant earth1

this universe

still an urne unto us.

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Created for a brief that never eventuated.


‘freedome 1658’ ⎮ 18 ⎮ 01 ⎮ 2023 • mixed media • firewood bags + charcoal • triptych • panel 1

Artwork Size

580mm x 420mm ⎮ Portrait


Flat Rock Tent Park, Lennox Head + Home Studio

Text Completion Date

17 ⎮ 01 ⎮ 2023

Artwork Completion Date

18 ⎮ 01 ⎮ 2023

Publication Date (Self-Published)

18 ⎮ 11 ⎮ 2023