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Dark Days


Where are the boundaries
of this runaway fire
that those who are aware now desperately flee?
i see no lines                  neither did we
can you pluck something like that
up “out of the stream of history”1 and toss it away like it never existed?
i don’t know             these flames move so quick
their changes so subtle but so incessant and so slick
“transparency can be [trickery when] misdirected [you know]”2
watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat whilst
over here i raze your rights they
were mere marks made in dust
and this deception the back of an invisible hand
that wipes away what was once written
dark dreams
and days         contempt

“carried in our purses and in our pockets”3
the word watches
itself being watched

“privacy is not about having something to hide” you know”2
we left this unchecked
and so find ourselves         here
alone             and exposed
dwarfed by a raging and rising fireground wall clutching a limp hose no water
“these were wake up calls
not hacks”4
feel that scorched dry ache
that orche earth turned black?
you can’t fight this fire
but you can still



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  4. Romano, A. 2018. The Facebook data breach wasn’t a hack. It was a wake-up call.

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George Orwell / Allesandro Acquisiti / Richard Flanagan / Aja Romano


10⎮ 02 ⎮ 2020