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Breaks In The Circuit

No Heart

There are always breaks in the circuit

And there has to be

For without them the whole thing just becomes fucking suffocating

And dangerous

An excessive and unchecked pulse of bad ideas

Is a bad idea

The breaks don’t shut the system down

But they can modify it

And improve it

If we want them to

What they do is provide pause

A chance to pull back


To think and rethink

Without forced pause there can be no forced change

And without forced change the flawed and seriously fucked up philosophies that fizz and pop and crackle along those circuits

And therefore build that system

Will never die

Can never be taken down

The breaks in the circuit are our windows

The only opportunities we have

To step the fuck up and say, “Hey. This shit is not ok”

To break a circuit you need a circuit breaker

Someone to flip the bird and to be a turd

To stop the flow and tear down the show

To pull the trigger and flick the switch

To stand up tall and shout, “Not Today ….. “

You know I’m getting old

And still being told

To stop being such a fighter

“You can’t force it Mr”

“Jason reign it in. Just block”

But how can you not swing wildy when there are so many things to swing wildly against

You can’t sit on the ropes

And come out on top

Taking punch after punch after punch

My defense is my defense is my defense is

Fuck my defense

My defense is self preservation

FearfulĀ  protection

And at it’s core a simple reaction

And right now we need open ourselves up

Face risk

Take a few hits

Cause we need some fucking action

Without a forced fight there can be no forced light

And without forced light the fizz and pop and crackle of a circuit running bad idea after bad idea after bad idea

Suddenly becomes the only noise anyone can hear

And so we build a system

And live in a system

Based on an ignorant deafness

With no purpose

No meaning

No compassion

And no heart

A circuit breaker driven break in a circuit

Is the silence of violence

The voice of defiance

And a bashed up beat up blood drenched outstretched hand

Offering hope

So Take



Hand …

If Lesson is right and hope has wings

For us to see it soar

Like we know it can

We have to fight

To make its takeoff audible

We need to break the circuit




I agree with John Wilson

And his piece of art on Dust Temple’s outside wall

I don’t fucking care if I’m old |

There is no chance in hell

I am about to do as I’m told