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Beyond People

Objects That Rust

who says we need to be saved

what if

that novel fiction1 we imagine

does not include us

we assume

our centrality2 to the plot

is the ever-present narrative1

that inevitability          that          ruha

wants us to challenge

every imagined future revolves around





are we willing          wait

let me rephrase

do we have the courage3

to expand our vision1 and see

you me we


no longer


its possible

could equity be found there

much of the fear ursula speaks of

that fear in our fear-stricken society”1

arises from our desperate self

centred fight

against impermanence

and our disassociation with the cycle of life4

when we go the earth will          slowly          reclaim

what is hers

to her

our world of overvalued selves and importance5

means little

we are objects that rust          too


we          are

our longevity


the falsehood1

what if the trees have a place but we don’t

what if the machines do

what if its the virus

that cyberpunk condor6

knock knock                              knocking7

a dystopian refashioning1 sure

but only through our eyes

it is a future that extends us1

that we can’t pen

our egos4 our


will not permit it

bayo a

says the way we approach the problem

is the problem”2

or maybe we



do we have it in us to       become

things without pretension”5 do          we

have it in us to

band together breathe and let go

we are not permanent fixtures2 here

that is where our empathy lies

our freedom          and

our greatest


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ISSN 2209-3028


Respond to Ruha Benjamin's article, 'Racial Fictions, Biological Facts: Expanding The Sociological Imagination Through Speculative Methods'. Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience, 2(2),1-52.


Benjamin, R. 2016. ; Scolaro, N. 2020. “Bayo Akomolafe”: Perrin, J. 2019. “Padraig O Tuama"; Mahathera, H.G. 1991. Huxley, A. 1954. Harding, J. 2020. Poe, E., 1845. 

Artwork Size

148m x 210mm (A5) Portrait

Artwork Detail

'Beyond People' 31 ⎮ 10 ⎮ 2020 • Mixed Media ⎮ Charcoal • Ink • Fine-liners • Jointers Tape • Photography • Digital Collage

Original Publication Date (So Fi Zine)

30⎮ 12 ⎮ 2020

Re-Publication Date (With Permission)

12⎮ 01 ⎮ 2021