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Was checking on the wheatpasting trial of an older version of the 'free to fail' poster and this is what I found. Originally pasted up on the 8th November 2020, 6.17pm. I went back yesterday afternoon (13th December 5.15PM) to check it out and recapture it. All weathered about a month or so later

I sent this to students recently. "Very rarely - in my experience - do your best ideas come from you just sitting down and writing - it is born from constraint(s). Like some of these seemingly weird tasks we have been playing with. A constraint imposed on you by"

Heaviest (and by far the coolest) university logo I have ever seen. It's like some sort of post-apocalyptic symbol. And probably not far off. Result of a relocation and merger between three Chinese universities after the anti-Japanese War broke out in 1937. Yunnan Normal University, Kunming China. Late June, 2015.

One day I will run some odd stock / material through the printer and it will jam it good. But today is not that day. My preferred method is to set the printer up with whatever weird material you want it to print on / hit print / and look away

In the parable ‘The Madman’ Frederich Nietzsche suggested that, “god is dead” , “we have killed him” and then asks, “must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of [the murder]”. Phil Aitken says we didn’t have it in us. Harari said the same. Instead we “built a reliance on the machine

sometimes i wonder / what i am actually doing here / like how did i get this position  / this role  / this right  / this responsibility / hey check me out / all propped up here / the / supposed sage on stage / If that's what this is / all embodied knowledge / and advice  / and correct path through life

That letter A has been designed then cut by laser into a steel hydrant booster box. And degraded by time. That letter is one of many that form languages. Constructed to record / express our experience. Typography endows that language with a durable visual form. But our durability has always been in question.

This is the image - in full - that I used in the circuit breaker poster and it is also sitting behind the 'darkside' triangle / moon. I shot this on Ann Street in Brisbane. I can see Julian Assange in there but have yet to work out who the main figure is

People suffer deeply when time is divided up / into rigid segments / mathematical management / focussed on efficiency / and productivity / and this relentless chase for constant growth and hey really it is / just a chase for more /// profit

It is just a really small section of an image running through the inside a three simple shapes (one you can barely see) and printed onto canvas paper. And there was something about the result and the process I went through to get there that captivated me

There is this epic idea that you have used inspiration well when you can hold up all your inspiration next to your work and be comfortable saying to someone, "hey this is what I created and this is what inspired me". If you are not comfortable doing that then your work is too close

The line, "there is no movement right now" is designer Chris Ashworth. So too is the technique I am playing with. I was creating a background that I later put into Indesign and embedded type over the top. The technique is super raw and the line from Chris is actually a call to action