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Artistic Animals

we stand for creativity

for art

and for the wild creatures that create it

those wild artistic animals

the rebels

the radicals

the iconoclastic Beat

yeah we hear you stamping your Scouser feet

right here in Liverpool

shaking the Baltic’s docks

we stand for freedom

for your soul

of expression

and your spirit let it f**king go

we stand for belonging

there is no other


nor fear

we stand for family

we are your


time to come home


May Fox


The iconoclastic beat and their dirty bare feet.

Details I

Of the words: I wrote it for a fake brand identity brief. Given to me by the guys at Shillington. It is for May Fox. The owner of an art space in Liverpool's Baltic Triangle. Scouser is slang for someone from Liverpool.

Details II

Of the art: 148mm x 210mm (A5 / Portrait). Mixed Media: Charcoal / Paper / Inverted photograph / Indesign.


Always. To Charles Foster you enlightened, empathetic and howling animal - thanks for teaching me that the foxes have always seen and heard and felt the real thing. Thanks to Joyce Caroll Oats for clarifying that, "Art is the highest expression of the human spirt". And artist Kamauu for, "... this is for your spirit soul let it go go go go go".


Foster, C (2016). Being a Beast; Oats, J. C. (2020). Writing Masterclass; Kamauu, 2017. 'GoLD', TheKamauu Casette:uRTH.