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That letter A has been designed then cut by laser into a steel hydrant booster box. And degraded by time. That letter is one of many that form languages. Constructed to record / express our experience. Typography endows that language with a durable visual form. But our durability has always been in question.

This is the image - in full - that I used in the circuit breaker poster and it is also sitting behind the 'darkside' triangle / moon. I shot this on Ann Street in Brisbane. I can see Julian Assange in there but have yet to work out who the main figure is

People suffer deeply when time is divided up / into rigid segments / mathematical management / focussed on efficiency / and productivity / and this relentless chase for constant growth and hey really it is / just a chase for more /// profit

It is just a really small section of an image running through the inside a three simple shapes (one you can barely see) and printed onto canvas paper. And there was something about the result and the process I went through to get there that captivated me