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the x has no meaning

ashworth made me do it

I was playing with paper and charcoal and tracing letters. The paper I had been driving over for weeks. I had taped it to my driveway. I walked out there and taped a few sheets down after watching an interview with Chris Ashworth – who mentioned the idea – he has a love of manipulating paper. At some point I went away for a week or so and when I came back a storm had ripped the paper up a fair bit. It was flapping in the wind. The art and the skill in my work here is terrible. But the paper makes it into something worth looking at. And the process of making it was al time. There is some plastering / joining tape up under the paper in the tear. Covered in charcoal. That was fun too. I like it cause it’s raw. Has a weather and apocalyptic feel. The X has no meaning. I was just into tracing letters. And I was only doing that cause I had no Letraset type. Ashworth asks where the human is in graphic design work. That line has stuck with me.




Chris Ashworth made me do it