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On Claudia Klat

I was asked to find and critique and comment on a cultural poster. And I chose Claudia Klat’s ‘de Carouge’ poster and invitation work because it is so damn mysterious. I really didd’t knot know what it was. But if I saw this posted up in some alleyway I would be intrigued. Deeply curious. It would catch my eye for sure. It looks and feels like a call out for some dark edgy esoteric gathering in the French underground. Only those who know would know. Kind of thing. And I want to know. And based on this poser I would also … want in.

I love that massive fat disfigured ‘C’ stamped off-centre. And how the other letters seem to cling to it. Or be part of it. It is close to unreadable. But when did legibility ever get in the way of good design. If you know you know. Fuck it’s dark. Feels like I’m standing on the night streets of Paris in light rain, smoking a cigarette, whilst waiting for Claudia Klat, who is also dark, and smoking  …  hot. She has my ticket. To ‘de Carouge’. I still do not know what it is. Cause I can’t read the sub-text. But I love how it is small and hidden and all a bit out of whack anyway.

This poster is tense. I am tense. But happy to be here. I fucking love Paris. I just may love Claudia as well. But we only just met. So who knows. And really who cares. I am just along for the ride. I see her running down the street now. The rain falling down on her is lit up periodically by each streetlight she passes. Warm yellow strobe light. I flick my cigarette into the gutter. A glowing red cherry ceases to exist. It sizzles as it does so. Tries to burn its way through ancient wet cement. One final protest. It wants to go to ‘de Carouge’ too.

I throw my jacket around Claudia’s slender shoulders, place my hand against her face and press my lips on hers. I really don’t care about the event. I just love the art. And the moment. And I could stand here kissing Claudia until we fuse into a single white-hot ember  ourselves. Burn our way into the Parisian underworld. And disappear for good.

Details Of Claudia’s Work

‘De Carouge’ Poster/Invitationcard 2006


Poster and invitation card for the fashion designer Christa de Carouge. It advertises a performance with De Carouge clothes and the following night market, buffet and bar. The objective was to express the style of the fashion de-signer through composition, proportions, rhythm, contrast and suspense in typography.


Designer: Claudia Klat

Format: Poster 330mm x 510mm, Invitationcard A5

Media: Poster Letterpress, Invitationcard Laserprint

Project at Zurich University of the Arts