Unhinged But On Point

Ages ago I posted a few lines as a Facebook status update, “Find a place where your mind is clear. Still but not immovable. Unhinged but on point”, along with a featured image of me duckdiving under a wave up on the Sunshine Coast. The stillness element came from Pico Iyer’s book, ‘The Art Of Stillness’. The book captivated me. Thought it was fantastic. Sent me on a journey. I actually thought it was one of the scariest books I have read. His revelation, “if you want to see the light be prepared for long nights in the dark” struck a chord with me.  The ‘unhinged but on point’ element came from


I recently had the “unhinged but on point” part translated into Chinese whilst lecturing at a university there. I found that the translation process is rarely simple.



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